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Yvonne Leo, a young woman from a wealthy and religious family in Paris, falls in love with Mateo Salomon, a French-Italian art student wannabe, who introduces her to drugs and prostitution. Her mother, Clotilde Leo, researcher for the Louvre Museum and editor of Vogue magazine, neglected by her husband, Hans, begins seeing a man from … Continue reading Nunnery

Gigi Lamar

After a TV contest, a straight female impersonator succeeds as a high fashion model. James Dalessandro: This is a brave attempt at a highly original story, and last and most importantly – a wonderful script. It is edgy, well structured a wonderful piece with great characters, set in an interesting environment. JD. James Dalessandro is the Co-founder of the … Continue reading Gigi Lamar

The Malediction Legacy

The Malediction Legacy Supernatural Police Thriller. A Police detective investigates a murder and discovers that she may be the next victim of a 400-year-old Native American curse. To stop the curse, she must find the lost book of the Medicine man. The Malediction Legacy it is a story of fiction and dramatizes the battle of … Continue reading The Malediction Legacy


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